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Look at that handsome face!   



       I can't even tell you how many times I have had a new mama, or mama of multiples say to me that they just didn't have the time or the energy to set up a newborn session.  And believe me, I get it, I have been in those same shoes.  When I brought my daughter home, it took every fiber of my being to put myself together and shoot a few photos of her, and only a few... no special setups just her and a fuzzy rug with a wrap.  And you know what? I am so glad I have those photos, even if there is only a few.


So what do you do if your little one is technically not so newborn anymore? 


     New parents, please please please don't think that just because your new bundle of joy isn't a few days old that we can't still capture some precious moments.  In my opinion photos of your baby at 2, 3, 4, or even 6 weeks old can be just as adorable as traditional newborn photographs.  We can still do some of the same concepts that a traditional newborn session would incorporate, but also do a few that only a baby that is a little more mature can do.  Truly, having these photos will be just as special, I mean really... who doesn't love photos of baby's cooing! Of course, there are some poses that only work with a baby who is only a few days old can do, but hey... who cares right? This is the most precious phases of your little one, so let's make sure you don't miss out on capturing this stage of their life! 

         This little handsome guy was a little over 6 weeks old when I shot his "not so newborn" session, and I could not be happier with the faces and interaction he had with me.  What a cutie pie... am I right?  Next time you think... well... I wish I had set up a newborn shoot before now, or if the time is just flying by and you're overwhelmed with this new life you have made, please remember that I can help craft a session perfect for your little one no matter how old they are. Check out a little more of this cutie pies "not so newborn" session with me...


                                                     but for now... remember little one,  look up at the camera and smile.




Y'all look at ALL that beautiful




Photos of your baby's features make for great decor for the nursery

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