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Burton Family

Portsmouth, Rhode Island 

When friends become family and you get to take their picture you have a blast doing it. Working on a blog post for this session and all I can think of is how stinkin' adorable this little guy was. He had just started learning to walk and man... it was awful cute watching his expressions a true sense of pride in himself. 

Before booking a session, whether we are perfect strangers or besties I always want to help you pick out the best location for your session. I am happy to go to your home or a public location, it is really up to you! For the Burton's; they asked me to pick a place that I have been meaning to go. After some consideration, I leaped at the chance to head toward the Newport Polo fields in Portsmouth. I hadn't booked a session there yet, and it really is a great place to go with kiddos for a session. Plenty of space to run, beautiful backdrops, low traffic, and horses! 

How fun is that?

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