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Family Fun with your Teens


 They can be moody, reluctant, sometimes defiant, but also really awesome....No I am not talking about your toddlers I am talking about your teens.  I have heard a lot from friends that they stop doing professional family sessions once their kids are over 15 or one is moved out of the house.  I get it,  life with older kids can be crazy busy.  High School has your teens calendars filled with sports, after-school requirements, and their first jobs.  How in the heck do we fit in a family session with ALLLL of that going on?  It is completely understandable, but Y'all I think this is the most important time to document your family. Crafting young adults is an amazing triumph for parents, so let's capture your family and all their personalities on camera! Honestly, I really don't find these sessions to be any different than when I shoot families with younger children. 


I actually have A LOT of fun chatting with your teens about their interests, plans for their future, their first car, their friends and siblings.



I find that these sessions actually move along very quickly and I really enjoy the flow of conversation and capturing the moments in between each posed shot. Moments like when mom is fixing up her daughters hair and a daughter helps mom out with her lipstick, or a dad having a quiet moment with his sons.  It is actually really beautiful to document...


And I know you will be glad you did, because YOU made these incredible humans, and although the "cute" little phase if over, the best part is here, having quality time spent with your young adult.







This shot always makes me smile!


  Just a mom helping her daughter out.

I love snapping a shot of my clients interacting with

each other.

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