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Harwood Family

Fort Adams, Newport 

It is sometimes bittersweet to know that my clients will be here in Newport for a short time. I feel super blessed to have taken my friend, Meghan's family back in the summer of 2019. Knowing that my friend's family would be moving at some point in the near future, meant these photos were important, a reminder of their time here.  

Newport is a magical place to live even if it is for a short time. With all the history and the ocean views, it makes for the perfect backdrop for portraits.  When it comes to family portraits with little and bigger kids I HIGHLY recommend making the session somewhat of an activity and booking a full 45 min session if you can. It gives the kiddos a chance to play, and the parents' time to relax and really translates through the lens. Going from posed shot to posed shot can become a little draining on the whole family, especially the littlest ones. So let's make some memories and have some fun with the whole gang! For the Harwood family walking though Fort Adams, a place right in their backyard made for the perfect activity. The kids can run a bit and mom and dad get some truly authentic photos. It really is a win-win!  Look at those kiddo's faces, lots of fun was had and these images still bring a smile to my face.

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