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Tom and Brenna's First Look

The moment he saw her.

I can still remember how it felt as I told Tom that his bride Brenna had arrived at our "first look" location. Everything was planned out to the minute upon her arrival. I was so excited for him to see her for the first time because I knew just how gorgeous she looked. Her hair, her gown, his suit, and tie; the whole presentation of a bride and groom seeing each other for the first time is something I cherish as their photographer, and 

more often then not, I tear up too. 

Full honesty, I was never sure how I felt about a "First Look" until I witnessed one. Personally, I did not do one myself, but after the fact, I kind of wish I did. It is super exciting, the suspense right before he laid his eyes on her is overwhelming.  It is also a gift for the couple, a moment for the two of you. I make sure to give my couples space, so they can really be in the moment together because honestly, the rest of the day is a whirlwind. I will never really know what was said, the intimate whispers they shared is for the two of them only, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Another wonderful aspect of a first look is having enough time to get some wedding party photos. Being in a wedding party is a huge commitment, and by the time the ceremony has finished, your wedding party might want to do just that, Party! So with a first look, we have some great opportunities to snap those wedding party formals that we will need, and our time with the whole crew after the ceremony is significantly shorter and easily managed. They can feel free to go and start the party off with your guests after the ceremony. It is kind of the perfect layout. Send your bridal party out to make sure all your guests are having a good time, while we take the family and bride and groom formals. 


Now, when a couple asks me what I think about a first look, I get excited. My opinion is, I love the tradition of waiting for the moment you see each other at the ceremony as you walk down the aisle. But in reality, sometimes its the time of day, scheduling, and circumstances make the first look a go-to. It might be the one moment you both are alone for the rest of the day until your reception is over. So, I say, if the tradition isn't a priority, take a "First Look" if you can. 

Here are just a peek into what a wedding day "first look" looks like, from Tom and Brenna's wedding in Tiverton RI.

Want to see the Full Wedding? 

There are so many magical moments from a wedding day. Click the link below to see just a small collection from Tom and Brenna's Wedding day. 

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