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It is Fall, Y'all!


  This time of year is my absolute favorite time of year to take portraits. The colors, the pumpkins, the foliage, and all the cozy sweaters and with the holiday fast approaching the need for those memorable family portraits for holiday cards and family yearbooks are a must have.  Today I want to talk about taking photos with toddlers and young children. As you can see from my portfolio some of my absolute favorite subjects to photograph are kids, these sessions are full of spontaneity, creativity, laughter, and rarely a meltdown.  


Yes, I have seen it all and I totally get the apprehension of the thought of

getting your two year old to hold still.



   I can honestly tell you I can not remember the last time I had a meltdown or an unhappy camper that I photographed. Or if they were unhappy it absolutely wasn't translating in the final result in photographs.  My workaround with this is usually giving all of us enough time to get settled before I start snapping away, and a distraction is always welcomed to keep the little ones happy during family sessions.  A perfect example of this is working our session around a fun activity. Below are some of my favorite photos of my first session with my dear friends, Brady, Emily, and their toddler while we did some apple picking at one of our local farms in the area.  By setting the session up this way I was able to capture moments of family fun, and spontaneous candids, all things that fully encompass their personalities as a family unit. Our fall activity was the perfect fall backdrop for a family portrait and once their little one was settled it was a breeze to catch the more posed options. Because of this type of structure at a photo shoot, it truly allowed their daughter to feel comfortable while I took her photos. I am to this day so happy with the result of this session; it was the first of many sessions that I have done and each year after it has been an absolute joy to document their growing family. (You can see this family all over my site and social media)  I consider taking photos of your family an absolute honor,  I cannot wait to meet your families, of toddlers, tots, teens or fur babies for your next family session. The Fall weather is the perfect time to book your photo shoot with me...



 But for now, remember to have fun and look up at the camera!






Got to love that face!



Candids are a must have for family sessions!

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